Long Over Due

Posted on October 05, 2013 by Lucy Gow

Oh Dear!  I have been remiss!  I haven't been chatting for almost a year!  That is embarrassing!  I do wish that I was better at writing, and better able to express on the page what I think!

Anyway, it has been a very busy year.  I do enjoy trying to find British products, which allows me to talk with some fascinating people throughout the Country.  And they do appear at the oddest of times, and in the most unlikely of places.  The Boot Jack is one example.  Who would have thought that my cousin's great friend was going to be with us at the weekend, and gave Charlie and Sophie a boot jack as a present!  Coincident, or serendipity!

I love coincidences, and find a really interesting pattern of them throughout my life! Other wise how would I have found my husband!  


Hope you have a lovely weekend - I'm going to make the Hairy Bikers Belgium Chocolate Cheesecake, before any packing for next week.

Lucy x


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