It's All About The Beard

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Lucy Gow

Whether you’re going for the hipster, eclectic or full on Santa beard, here are a few tips and tricks for that classic beard look

Some things you must know before you get started: 1. You’ll go through an itching stage

It’s not going to be that easy, the road to beardom will be filled with unwanted itches but these won’t last forever. stick through it and you will reap the rewards.

2. There will be random colours of hair poking through that perfectly trimmed beard

Ginger, grey, white you name it but nothing a little grooming can’t fix

3. ‘Can I touch it?’

Your work of art will mesmerise, surprise and attract people but most of all be prepared for the touching

4. Who needs ID when you have a beard?

Your beard is the golden ticket to the mature, whiskey- drinking and sophisticated lounge, you won’t even be asked for ID

Now that’s sorted let’s get on to the beard grooming...

You’ll need:

  • -  A good, sturdy razor

  • -  Beard balm

  • -  Beard oil

  • -  Beard comb

  • -  Mini scissors

  • -  Beard trimmer

    Step 1
    Choose your style
    An easy way to do this is grow a full beard out and start to trim and tame, see what best suits you. The beard chooses the face!

    Take care of your beard!
    Just a few minutes a day and your beard will blossom, trim, clean and balm the beast and you’ll be on your way to that beautiful beard

    Step 3
    Create a realistic jawline
    Too high and you’ll have too many chins, too low and you’ll have no chins. Go with what looks natural on you.

    Step 4
    Make sure to use balm to prevent itching and a comb to make sure no unwanted substances stay in your beard

    Step 5
    Use Beard oil
    When trimming or shaping with a blade make sure to use oil, it keeps things less irritating and the hairs stay relatively straight

    Follow these steps and you’ll be beard beautiful!

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Where has the time gone?

Posted on February 02, 2015 by Lucy Gow

I hadn't realised that January has already gone, and February is here.  Too quickly already, the fast approaching celebration of love is nearly upon us!  I have had my head down looking for great new presents , about which I am really excited.  They won't be here for Valentine's day, but we still have a great choice of great presents for your loved one.  The 14th of February isn't only for girls, and you can celebrate that special relationship with something for him too!  My husband doesn't read my blog, so I won't be giving anything away by sharing with you my ideas for him.

Last year he was given this fabulous 24" shoehorn, which he uses all the time.


My thinking this year, is perhaps a military wet pack.  I love these English leather washbags as they are so cleverly designed and are great replicas of the wash bags soldiers used in the First World War.  They have got fab pockets to fit in all those bits and pieces.

i will let you know what he thinks!

What are you thinking of giving?  And what is the best present that you have given him....keep it clean!!!

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